Choosing the Best Self Service Kiosk for Your Business

2 months ago   •   4 min read

By Katryna Calejo

Here’s a riddle for you: what is something that can improve your guest experience, is faster and more efficient than traditional service, can take orders at lighting speed, but has a face?

We’ll give you three seconds…

Ready for the answer?

If you guessed self service kiosks (or read the title before our riddle), then ding ding! You got it right. Self-service kiosks are the multifunctional superheroes of any service-based industry, especially now, with the pandemic having affected every aspect of running a business. These handy machines can help solve issues like adapting to the ongoing labor shortage, keeping up with increased customer demand, and providing a seamless and enjoyable guest experience.

Let’s run through some of the most commonly asked questions about these handy kiosk machines, so that you can make the most informed decisions when shopping for yours.

SpotOn self service kiosks in action at a football game.

How do self service kiosks work?

The best way to cover this question is with a little story. Let’s say that you are the operator of a large stadium. With in-person events now being the norm, and the influx of fans coming to watch their favorite team, your concessions and ticket stands have been on overdrive. Unfortunately, your staff is still depleted and you can’t find new employees fast enough to fill the vacancies. Guests are left waiting in long lines at half-time, and your team is on the verge of burnout.

You decide to invest in a few self-service kiosks, hoping to see a difference at the next big game. Your new self service kiosks have special features like quick-add buttons, scrolling add-to-cart buttons, custom branding, and an intelligently designed interface. Your guests simply press a button for what they want to order, make their own modifications, pay at the kiosk, and the order is relayed to your team who can focus on preparing the order quickly, before half-time ends.

SpotOn kiosk ordering screen.
Kiosks put guests in charge of their ordering experience with easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces.

As a result, you see a 16% increase in average order size, and a 25% increase in items per check, lines are shorter, and your current employee headcount is enough to cover the bases of the open positions.

How much do self-service kiosks cost?

With stories like this very much a reality, cost is naturally the next question on your mind. While there really isn’t a cookie-cutter answer to this, we can give you a range to help you make the best decision for your business. Like anything else, the cost is going to depend on your own bells and whistles:

Are you looking for a freestanding kiosk?

Or is a counter standing solution better?

How many kiosks do you need?

What integrations make sense for you?

The list of questions goes on, but more things to consider when it comes to pricing are the upfront costs like hardware and installation as well as recurring costs for POS software. One piece of advice is to select the kiosk that meets the needs of your unique business and has omnichannel capabilities. This ensures that everything about your guest experience and employee experience feels seamless.  

From there, chat with a kiosk expert to see your pricing options for a custom solution that meets your needs.

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How self service kiosks are changing customer behavior.

Customer behavior is always changing and evolving depending on the times. The duty of a business is to change with it in order to stay ahead of the curve. What self-service kiosks are doing is giving customers complete control of their own journey. They get autonomy and a much more hygienic ordering experience, and leave more satisfied than when they came in.

Customers are embracing these technologies and coming to expect them from their favorite businesses. For example, amusement parks, stadiums, and concert venues can give their guests a line-free ordering experience so that they can get back to their game or rides. Restaurants and stores are finally meeting guest expectations by offering faster service and a cleaner overall experience.

There’s no denying that customer expectations are increasing because of these new advances in technology and there are options for businesses to keep up with the pace of change. The question becomes, are you ready to level up your guest experience?

If you answered yes, then we should talk. Contact us to get the perfect self service experience for your customers.

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