3 Reasons You Should Implement Scan-and-Go Tech at your Storefront

8 months ago   •   3 min read

By Katryna Calejo

When Amazon launched the Amazon Go store back in 2016, most people rolled their eyes and waged bets on how long it would take for it to fail. The very idea of a technology that put the entire customer journey in the customer’s hands sounded too good to be true. Fast forward five years to 2021, and it seems that scan-and-go tech is taking over the commerce world.

We’re living in a world that’s still reeling from the global lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the vaccine is largely available, people are still not completely comfortable going back to the way things were pre-pandemic. Here are three ways that enterprise businesses can benefit from implementing scan-and-go tech in their retail storefronts.

1. Improve the customer experience.

In the past, having a staff member wait on customers was considered indispensable to a great customer experience, but now customers are increasingly drawn to self-serve options. While the new normal felt quite sudden for many businesses, the key to keeping up with the pace of change comes down to the technology that a business uses to make its customers comfortable.

Theme parks in the past, for example, relied on their very friendly team members to provide the best shopping experience possible, but this often overlooked the most irritating part of the customer experience: lines—very long lines. Considering that a theme park is a favorite place for families and children, they knew they had to do something to alleviate the burden.

When placing the whole shopping journey in their customer’s hands, the theme park’s guests can have a seamless buying experience, no lines necessary.

2. Contactless and faster transactions.

For some people, it’s not time yet to leave their homes to visit their favorite theme park, stadium, or restaurant. Just take, for example, the massive boom in grocery delivery services and the uptick in takeout orders. In the new normal, the least human contact a customer has with staff, the better. For many people, tech-enabled experiences aren’t just about convenience anymore. They’re about safety.

Scan-and-go technology isn’t just for grocery stores or theme parks either. They can greatly benefit sports stadiums, too. A sports fan may be willing to sit (socially distanced and masked) to watch their favorite team play but may avoid the gift shop or the snack kiosks to avoid the long lines and crowds. With scan-and-go technology, this doesn’t have to be the case. They can order their jerseys and snacks from their phone and pop into the store to pick up their items all within minutes.

3. The staff shortage.

An unexpected challenge that businesses are currently facing in every industry is the shortage of employees, from salespeople to cashiers, customer service representative, and on down the line. Now, businesses are hard-pressed to keep up with pre-pandemic levels of consumer demand while having fewer employees. Scan-and-go technology is a great way to bridge the gap.

A large retail store wouldn’t need seven cashiers, a stadium gift shop could function with half the staff, and theme parks could give shoppers the experience they deserve. Customers control their own shopping journey from shopping cart to purchase, and the only staff needed to complete the transaction is the person checking the QR code by the door.

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