Pay At the Table is Here to Stay

How Restaurants are bringing technology tableside in 2022.

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By Katryna Calejo

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns changed so much about consumer preferences and behavior that many restaurants are hard-pressed to keep up with the pace of change. In the past, the conventional wisdom was to adopt newer technologies slowly so as to not negatively affect the guest experience. Now, it seems that digital transformation is the key to a great dining experience.

Let’s take a closer look at how restaurants are bringing technology tableside in 2022.

QR codes and tableside ordering.

For restaurants, 2021 was all about contactless guest experiences. One of the things revolutionizing the restaurant experience is QR codes and tableside ordering. Giving guests the option to access the menu directly from their smartphones instead of communal menus can be the deciding factor about whether or not to visit a specific restaurant.

Tableside ordering is also in the same category as QR codes, except that instead of eliminating the passing around and sharing of menus, restaurants are limiting the amount of human interaction a guest has with staff. For a population just getting out of their homes and reintegrating back the way things used to be pre-2020, QR codes and tableside ordering are a new way forward.

Mobile and online ordering.

For guests who might not be vaccinated or are nervous about being in more populated areas, restaurants that offer mobile and online ordering are ideal. A great example of this is to look at stadiums. Stadiums are known for much more than just the sports teams that play there—they are also known for the multitude of restaurants, kiosks, and eateries available.

When it comes to transforming the fan experience, offering easier ordering and payment options is crucial. For example, SpotOn has been working with Louisiana State University’s Tiger Stadium since 2017. Our cloud-based technology helped them modernize their enterprise point-of-sale solution with one that offers frictionless payments through guests’ mobile devices. Our cloud-based POS allowed guests to order food at their convenience and with limited unwanted contact,  instead of having to wait in long lines to order their food. Because of this, their order sizes increased by 16%, and they saw an average of 25% more items per check.

The very same technology is available to restaurants large and small.

Contactless checkout.

Offering contactless checkout options to restaurant guests goes beyond bringing guests back from social isolation. The fact that guests wouldn’t have to wait the extra twenty minutes it takes for a server to bring the check, swipe the cards, and get the signatures may entice guests to choose a particular restaurant over the competition.

This may be one of the digital transformation solutions that many restaurants used to be wary of for fear that it dilutes the human element of the guest experience. However, restaurants in 2022 would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t consider adding this to their tech stack. Checkout is the time when customers get the most hands-on interaction with their servers, and for some guests, this may be the thing that keeps them from coming back.

SpotOn is helping you transform your guest experience.

2021 was a year of discovery for different industries, especially after the pandemic has kept us at home for long periods of time. Diner’s preferences and tastes have changed, and it’s up to the restaurants to digitally transform in order to keep serving the best experience possible. At SpotOn, we're making it easier for restaurants to transform in the way they need to in 2022, with intuitive technology and industry leading, hands-on service and support. For more information on our cloud-based digital commerce solutions, please visit our SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale page for small and mid-sized restaurant businesses, and or our enterprise page for large multilocation chains.

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